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Van Repair

Everyone knows that vans are built to be good, sturdy vehicles that last for years. This popular vehicle is becoming a more common sight on the road as families continue to grow. Businesses also rely heavily on vans to transport their goods or services.

Whether you have one for the extra family seating or to haul products across town, you need to make sure your van is always performing at its peak. Guffey’s Automotive offers all of the services you need to make sure your van is well-maintained and repaired as quickly as possible.

At Guffey’s Automotive, we have experience working with cargo vans, mini vans and passenger vans. Starting with a diagnosis of the vehicle, our mechanics use their specialized skills to figure out exactly what is wrong with your van. Their personalized attention and expertise make it easy to analyze and repair problems or perform routine maintenance.

Guffey’s Automotive offers a number of different services for vans. Our repair shop can work on any make or model, domestic or imported. Engine repair, HVAC, batteries, suspension and steering systems, belts, hoses and more can be repaired quickly with the help of Guffey’s Automotive.

We can also help with scheduled vehicle maintenance, like tire rotation and oil changes. Get major repairs or minor work done on your van to keep it in top condition at all times.

If you are experiencing problems with your van, contact Guffey’s Automotive today!

We’re proud to serve the auto repair needs of homeowners and businesses throughout Maple City, Traverse City, Long Lake, Interlochen and Lake Ann.