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SUV Repair

SUVs are some of the most popular vehicles on the road. At Guffey’s Automotive, our mechanics and technicians take care of repairs and maintenance needs for all makes and models of domestic and import vehicles. We’ll make sure that the SUV is safe, running at its peak level of performance and that it’s comfortable to drive.

Common SUV Repairs

Whether an SUV is used primarily for errands or commuting or it is taken off-road for adventures throughout the country, there are some common repairs that an SUV tends to need, which include suspension and struts, brakes, belt replacement and tires. We also offer transmission, engine, drive train, exhaust and muffler repairs. If it breaks, our team at Guffey’s Automotive can fix it. If a part is so worn that a fix isn’t feasible, we carry a full stock of factory-authorized replacement parts.

SUV Maintenance and Service

Regular maintenance and service on an SUV may prevent emergency repairs. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance visits for all types of SUVs. We recommend service at 15,000, 30,000 and 60,000 miles as well as in-between visits for fluid exchanges and oil changes. Keeping up with preventive maintenance could save thousands of dollars in the long run.

Our Team at Guffey’s Automotive

For the best SUV service and repair, Guffey’s Automotive is the right choice. Our experience and dedication to customer service means that each of our customers gets the care they deserve. We take the time to answer our customers’ questions and are committed to using only the highest quality of parts for each repair and maintenance service that we perform.

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