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Pickup Truck Repair

Pickup Trucks have always been a favorite among the workforce in America. Designed to pull or carry large amounts of weight, the pickup truck is an indispensable tool for many jobs. Off-road drivers also love the durable pickup truck because it allows them to go places a mid-size car wouldn’t normally be able to access.

While pickup trucks are built to last, many have problems after being used for long periods. That is when you need to turn to a specialist. At Guffey’s Automotive, we have plenty of experience working on pick-up trucks, including mid-size, full-size and heavy-duty. Our goal is to help give you the repair services you need to stay on the road longer.

Guffey’s Automotive works on all makes and models. Whether your truck was made in the USA or was imported, our repair services can help. Our highly trained automotive mechanics are ready to answer any questions you may have about your vehicle and guide you through the repairs. The mechanics of Guffey’s Automotive will tell you exactly what you need to get back on the road or maintain your vehicle.

Your pickup truck repair starts with a vehicle inspection, where any problems can be analyzed. We offer several different services including battery, engine, wheels, steering, suspension, transmission and air conditioner repair. Routine maintenance procedures, such as oil changes and tire rotation, can also be performed.

Because we offer honest repairs, you can turn to our mechanics in almost any situation. Enjoy affordable maintenance and personalized attention when you take your car in to Guffey’s Automotive.

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