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Farm Equipment Repair

Farm implements and equipment are some of the hardest working motor vehicles in existence. They must dig through thick, tough soil, often working long hours in tough weather conditions. All of this hard work can lead to the need for repair and replacement of parts. Our team at Guffey’s Automotive repairs all kinds of domestic and foreign farm equipment.

Types of Repairs

Farm equipment and implements have many of the same parts as the cars and trucks that we fix, but there are some major differences too. The motors of farm implements are often larger than a typical car engine. The large tires and specialty attachments add to the size and heft of the vehicle as well. We’re able to make all types of repairs to farm implements including tractors, combines, hay wagons, plows, discs and more. Whether it’s a simple brake and tire repair or replacement or the rebuilding of the engine, we’ll get the job done right the first time.

Our Repair Services

At Guffey’s Automotive, we can repair all domestic and imported farm equipment and implements. Our team is experienced with working on all sizes and ages of farm implements. No matter what make or model of farm equipment, we’ve got the tools, supplies and parts to get the repair done quickly. With each repair service, we’ll also take the time to check to make sure the piece of equipment has the right fluid levels, tire pressure and tread to operate safely and efficiently out in the field.

When prompt, reliable and affordable service is a must, come to Guffey’s Automotive. With our experience and unparalleled customer service, we’re a wise choice for the farm implement repair needs of any farm operator.

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