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Compact Car Repair

Compact cars and sedans have soared in popularity as the price of gasoline has increased. At Guffey’s Automotive, we help our customers take care of these small vehicles so that they can achieve the promised fuel efficiency, safety and performance stated by the manufacturers.

Common Repairs for Compact Cars

Many of our customers drive their compact cars or family sedans all around town for running errands and getting to and from appointments, work, school and activities. All of this can produce a lot of wear and tear on the tires, brakes, struts and battery. We offer repairs for any part of a compact car and sedan. We also carry all sizes of tires, replacement fluids, batteries and other commonly needed replacement parts.

Our Comprehensive Compact Car Services

We’re proud to be a full service, one-stop shop for compact car and sedan repair and replacement needs. Our team is able to repair and maintain domestic as well as imported vehicles. We’ve got most parts in stock so that we can offer same-day service for many repair needs.

Our team at Guffey’s Automotive is dedicated to providing customers with friendly, trustworthy and affordable service. By offering convenient service hours, reliable service and high-quality parts, we offer the best compact car and sedan maintenance and repair services in the area.

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We’re proud to serve the auto repair needs of homeowners and businesses throughout Maple City, Traverse City, Long Lake, Interlochen and Lake Ann.