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Commercial Vehicle Repair

At Guffey’s Automotive, we repair a wide range of domestic and import commercial vehicles. Our expert staff is ready to inspect any commercial vehicle that enters our shop and fix any problem areas. There are a number of services that we can provide for your commercial vehicle.

Services We Offer

Among our many services, we provide basic functions such as air conditioning, alignment, batteries and cooling system repair. But we understand that commercial vehicles tend to have issues that go beyond basic repair. This is why we offer more in-depth services such as axle, ball joint, belts and HVAC repair. Commercial vehicles also require plenty of general maintenance, which our staff is more than equipped to handle.

Fleet Vehicle Repair

Just as all commercial vehicles and domestic/import vehicles can come in and receive our large array of repair services, so can fleet vehicles. We understand that fleet vehicles are vital to your businesses and we offer a wide range of services to care for all your vehicle’s needs. From suspension repair to new tire installation, we can service your fleet vehicles.

Take advantage of our trained professionals and their experience working on commercial vehicles, fleet vehicles, and everything in between. We even offer oil and gas drilling fleet services for that specialized set of customers.

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We’re proud to serve the auto repair needs of homeowners and businesses throughout Maple City, Traverse City, Long Lake, Interlochen and Lake Ann.