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Tires and Wheels

One of life’s predictabilities is that all vehicles will eventually need tire and wheel service. Guffy’s Automotive is a locally owned and operated repair shop where we cater to our customer’s automobile tire and wheel repair and maintenance needs.

Sizing tires correctly for a vehicle will give a smoother ride, proper steering control and better tread wear for longer tire dependability. No matter what road conditions a driver encounters daily or what their driving habits are, there is a set of tires to ideally match each situation. When it comes to providing exceptional tire and wheel services, we offer the following:


We offer a number of tire services, including:

  • New Purchase and Installation: Tires, matched correctly to fit the wheel rims, are mounted and balanced at the time of the installation.
  • Balancing: Weights are attached to the inner or outer rims to reduce tire wobbling. Significant tire wobbling may require a front-end alignment.
  • Rotation: Tires are rotated into new wheel placement positions for longer wear, tear and tire life.
  • Flat Tire Repair: Most frequent repairs are: (1) to plug a hole in the tire and (2) to install an inner tube to stop an air leak.
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS): This electronic monitoring device for measuring inner tire pneumatic air pressure is replaced during tire repair work.


We offer a number of wheel services, including:

  • Alignment: Standard automotive maintenance is to align wheel balance when rotating tires or installing new tires.
  • Repair: Small rim dents are smoothed out to eliminate air leaks.
  • New Purchase: Wheels are balanced at the time of installation.

Tires and wheels are two essential areas that show no mercy if ignored. At Guffy’s Automotive, we are professionally trained and experienced mechanics ready to assist with technical advice and service for all tire and wheel concerns. Customer trust and satisfaction are our daily rewards.

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