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Heating and Cooling

The heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system in a car or truck not only helps to keep drivers comfortable during extreme weather conditions, it also provides fresh, filtered, clean air for breathing. While driving on the highway, using the HVAC system instead of opening the windows can also boost the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. When your automobile’s heating and cooling system needs a recharge or repair, Guffey’s Automotive is your choice.

Air Conditioning Evacuation and Recharging

If the vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t cooling as well as it used to, it may need to be recharged. Air conditioning evacuation and recharging is the process in which we drain any dirty coolant remaining within the evaporator and condenser of the car and refill it with the right level of clean coolant. We also take the time to inspect the hoses and reservoir for leaks that could be causing the vehicle to lose coolant.

Types of Coolant

Vehicles built since 1995 use R134a as the coolant. This chemical is more environmentally sound than the coolant R12, which is used on older-model cars. R12 is no longer produced but can be collected from older cars and reused in the recharging process. Only licensed handlers such as our team at Guffey’s Automotive can collect and recharge a vehicle’s air conditioning system with R12 or R134a.

Why Guffey’s Automotive

Our mechanics at Guffey’s Automotive have recharged and repaired the heating and cooling systems on all vehicle makes and models. We’ve got the diagnostic equipment and tools to ensure that the HVAC system will work as well as it did on the day the car was built. We offer a satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service on every HVAC service.

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