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General Maintenance

Over the weeks, months and years, the wear and tear adds up on your vehicle. In order to get the best performance and highest level of safety, a vehicle needs regular maintenance. At Guffey’s Automotive, our professional vehicle maintenance services can extend the lifespan of a vehicle and help customers enjoy a better driving experience.

Maintenance Services

When a driver brings in a car or truck for maintenance, we’ll do a comprehensive inspection to check the wipers, fuses, brake lights and headlights. We’ll replace fluids, change the filters and add the proper lubrication for the vehicle’s make and model. Our oil change services also include oil filter replacement. At each maintenance visit, our team will also check the tire pressure and tread. We offer tire rotation as part of our maintenance services as well.

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

At Guffey’s Automotive, we recommend a regular maintenance schedule for the durability and safety of each vehicle. Car and truck maintenance visits should happen at 15,000, 30,000 and 60,000 miles for A & B services. We recommend oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Getting the Best Maintenance for Your Vehicle

Our mechanics take the time during each maintenance visit to check out every part of the vehicle. If we see something that we think could affect the safety or performance of a vehicle, we’ll let the driver know so that they have the option to have the issue taken care of during the same visit. We offer convenient appointment times and will never try to sell parts or services that aren’t needed. Our skilled and friendly staff will earn and maintain every driver’s trust as the best repair shop in the area for general vehicle maintenance.

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