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Fuel Systems

Electronic fuel injection systems have been the norm for cars produced since the 1980s. These fuel systems offer proven efficiency and performance by automatically regulating the delivery of gasoline or diesel. Because numerous parts work to keep the system running, a part may need replacement from time to time, but no problem is too big for Guffey’s Automotive to fix.


Filters within the fuel system trap impurities that could otherwise reduce fuel efficiency and engine performance. They help to keep the engine clean and add safety to the combustion process. Our team at Guffey’s Automotive carries a full stock of replacement filters for domestic and import vehicles.

Hoses and Lines

Hoses and lines deliver the oxygen and fuel and take the waste products from the combustion process to the exhaust system. The hoses and lines include parts made of rubber and plastic that can degrade over time from exposure to heat and moisture. We’re fully stocked on replacement hoses and fuel lines for fast and reliable repairs.


Fuel pumps provide a steady flow of gasoline to the engine. A broken pump may cause the vehicle to suddenly stall out in the middle of the road. To prevent an accident, we’ll repair or replace any fuel pump.

Injector Cleaning

Over time, buildup can cause clogs in the fuel injector. A clogged fuel injector won’t be able to deliver fuel to the engine, causing it to fail to start or to stall unexpectedly. We can clean the fuel injector of any vehicle to improve the engine performance and fuel economy.

The Best Service in the Business

Our mechanics at Guffey’s Automotive provide the best service for fuel systems in the business. We’re reliable, trustworthy, accurate and experienced in working on both domestic and imported vehicles.

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