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Electrical System Repair

Today’s vehicles are equipped with dozens of electronic sensors, microchips and computers to help drivers navigate the roads and provide warning about imminent vehicle problems. The electrical system also helps to power the headlights, brake lights, dashboard display and radio. Our team at Guffey’s Automotive offers electrical systems repair for both domestic and imported vehicles.

Types of Electrical System Repairs

Wires, fuses and relays are interconnected with the vehicle’s battery to provide electrical service to the various components of the automobile. While the vehicle is running, the alternator takes over providing the current to electrical systems. A blown fuse, worn or corroded wire or a malfunctioning relay are all common electrical problems in vehicles.

Our Electrical System Services

We offer state of the art diagnostics to investigate electrical system problems in all types of vehicles. When a check engine light comes on or other electrical issues develop, we’ll troubleshoot the issue and find out what the problem is. We can replace any worn out wires, blown fuses or corroded connections, with a full inventory of stock of relays, switches, alternators, microchips and other replacement parts.

About Our Electrical System Repairs

At Guffey’s Automotive, we offer the best electrical system repairs in the area. Our team is experienced working on domestic and imported vehicles with all types of electrical malfunctions. We can test and diagnose any make and model of vehicle. Our convenient appointment times make it easy for our customers to get their vehicles fixed and back on the roads.

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