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Drivetrain and Differential

At Guffey Automotive, we provide customers with a comprehensive list of drivetrain services that covers CV shafts, boots, U-joints and drive shafts. We also lubricate drive shaft slip joints. Our facility offers quality drivetrain and transmission repairs and replacements.

Drivetrain Services

A vehicle drivetrain has two important functions. The various components work together to transfer energy from the engine to the wheels. It also regulates the amount of torque. The drivetrain parts vary depending on vehicle type but commonly include the differential, the transmission and the transfer case. Our drivetrain and suspension repair services include:

  • Alignments
  • Drivetrain diagnostics and repair
  • Vehicle suspension diagnostics and repair

Differential Services

The differential serves to spin the right and left wheels while allowing each wheel to rotate at different speeds. As a vehicle turns, the outermost wheel turns faster than the innermost wheel because of the difference in length that each must travel. The differential lies beneath the vehicle and between the wheels. This vital mechanical component attaches to each wheel via the axle shaft. Our differential repair and services include:

  • Diagnostics
  • Fluid draining and replacement
  • Replacement parts installation
  • Complete rebuilds

Guffey’s ASE Master Mechanics also perform maintenance, services and diagnostics on vehicle transmissions. We have certified professional technicians who receive continued training on state-of-the art diagnostic equipment, which ensures that your drivetrain, differential and transmission are diagnosed and repaired, replaced or rebuilt properly.

The mechanics at Guffey’s Automotive remain dedicated to offering our clients the highest quality of service possible. Our mechanics use the most modern equipment and tools. We strive to provide fast service and complete the job right the first time. Our service facility only uses quality parts manufactured by name brand companies, which often exceed the specifications of manufacturers.

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