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Computer and Emission Controls

Computers function as the brains of today’s state-of-the-art vehicles. They do everything from controlling the flow of fuel to the emission of wastes created by the combustion of gasoline or diesel. A problem in the computer or emission controls could prove catastrophic to the engine. It could also cause a problem with local law enforcement due to the emission standards for automobiles. Our experienced mechanics at Guffey’s Automotive offer repair and replacement services for computer and emission controls for domestic and imported vehicles.

Computer Service and Installation

The computer in each vehicle provides signals to the air valve, fuel system, ignition sparking and other components. The computer can also record issues as they occur so that our technicians can find the problem and perform the necessary repair. We can replace any computerized component, including the computer’s processor or memory.

Emission Controls Service and Installation

The Clean Air Act of 1977 mandated emission controls for all types of vehicles. The emission controls system in today’s vehicles includes the EGR valve, catalytic converter, air pump, PCV valve and charcoal canister. We offer catalytic converter, pump and valve repairs and replacements for all makes and models of vehicles.

The Best Service for Computer and Emission Controls

We want our customers to be on the road safely and enjoying the best possible fuel economy and driving experience. Our computer and mission controls repairs and services are the best in the area. We offer convenient appointment times and reliable service. Our mechanics aim to please with each service, maintenance or replacement service.

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