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Batteries, Starters, and Alternators

Most car batteries last about three years while starters and alternators last around seven years. However, extreme weather conditions and the heavy use of a vehicle may cause these parts to wear out a little faster than average. At Guffey’s Automotive, we offer service and installation of batteries, starters and alternators so that drivers can stay on the road and do what they need to do.

Battery Service and Installation

When the driver puts the key in the ignition and nothing happens, chances are good that the battery is dead. We carry all sizes of replacement car batteries. We’ll install the new battery and have you vehicle back on the road. We also jump batteries and clean corroded connections.

Starter Service and Installation

The starter is a small mechanical device that cranks the engine to get it started each time a key is put into the ignition. The battery’s current reaches the starter motor, which in turn rotates the crankshaft. Then, the combustion of fuel begins, and the car is started. If the starter goes, the engine won’t start. We’ll replace the starter or repair it if the car is starting hard or takes a few tries to get going.

Alternator Service and Installation

Alternators provide amperage to the vehicle as it is running and help to start the battery in cold weather. If the car stalls out on the road, a bad alternator may be the cause. We offer alternator repairs and replacements for all domestic and imported vehicles.

Why Guffey’s Automotive

When a vehicle needs service or installation for batteries, starters or alternators, Guffey’s Automotive is the go-to place. Our friendly and professional staff offers the highest-quality parts and convenient service times. We provide a complete satisfaction guarantee and excellent service to each of our customers.

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